Great Circle Track EP

by Immediate Family

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released August 10, 2012

All instruments performed by Mike Biederman and Mike Przygoda.
Produced by Mike Biederman, Mike Przygoda, & Steve Jansen.
Recorded, Engineered, and Mastered by Mike Przygoda & Steve Jansen of Speed-Fi Productions.

Album cover photo taken of Meade Glacier by MB.



all rights reserved


Immediate Family Chicago, Illinois

Immediate Family is the solo project of Chicago-based singer/songwriter Michael Biederman (also of Rego). This August will see the release of our first EP, titled The Great Circle Track EP. We are also currently at work on our 2nd forthcoming project.

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Track Name: Great Circle Track
Sweetheart, above all else there's no one left below
So I, must too go on.
It's with a heavy heart I give these orders to my men
to get them home.

You let your fire go out, my love.
But does it help to know you fought a rash of swells and stayed afloat?
You let your tired souls sound alarms.
Tipping back as if to gather one last look at the stars.

What I am is in my blood.
A life above is not enough.
I need to answer these calls that I've received,
before setting course back home to you.

We're in a constant standoff to appease,
and keep this situation calm.
We have to look for if we don't these mounting pressures may begin to call our bluff.
Come what may, we will stand tall.
Til we hear those echoes call.


And if the rain should wash the docks clean,
And if the radio waves should fill the air,
And if the ropes between these two walls should begin to lose their edge.

And if the rain should wash the docks clean,
And if the radio waves should fill the air,
And if the ropes between these two walls should begin to lose their edge.
Track Name: Away From Here
Away from here
Take me away from here.
Away from here,
Take me away from here.

Oh, I'm taking my pride,
and these black and blues.
But the dog didn't bite,
so I'm taking him too.

Away from here,
Take me away from here.

We found ourselves at the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Pushed back to a chain-link fence
Shoulda ran when we had the chance.
But I'll take the wrap for it, go on get out of here.
We'll meet under the overpass,
Darlin' if I'm not there...

Oh, read me my rights,
And I'll tell you what I know.
But it might be line from another man's poem.

Away from here,
Take me away from here.
Track Name: Weary Willie
No one but a friend
could even try to pretend
To get what you mean
By the things you say,
When you're down on your luck,
and end's meat won't stretch far enough
You're so desperate that you're sweeping the spotlight away.

Poppa worked so hard,
Slammin' stakes through railroad tires,
And Momma, she took him in at the end of the day.
They told me, "Willy, don't you run too far"
But they found me 'neath those rolling cars,
I couldn't help myself I was drawn to the music they made.

Laugh all you want
I'm doing this for the ones I love
I'm doing this for the ones I hold dear.
Though times are getting tough, I know I owe 'em this much,
to see their hard work wasn't in vain.

Dress me
Up in rags, but don't you worry,
I'll give you my smile if that's what it takes.
See, laughter carries far
From these paraffin walls into my heart
But the distance won't make people any easier to replace.

Laugh all you want
I'm doing this for the ones I love,
I'm doing this for the ones I hold dear.
It might not mean that much to them, but in the end,
I'll fight both tooth 'n nail til I see 'em grin.
Track Name: On the Mend/So Far
The days might seem a little brighter,
'cause it's been so long since we braved last winter.
And you're insane if you'd rather have another,
'cause I'll wait for your head with my shoulder.

And your sweetheart just might be your neighbor.
So tell me, what's wrong with asking for a favor?
We gotta look out for one another.
This might make things better,
Let's try to make this better.

But why won't you look me in the eye? (x2)

Your riches all sweat while your fountains are plundered.
No matter how old you get your summers are murder.
You don't stick around long enough to reveal all of your troubles,
And it's only easier now that we're older.

But why Won't you look me in the eye, (x3)
Or offer more than a short reply?

See, I don't plan to stay here forever,
'Cause if I did I might come to regret her.
But we'll toast every time we see each other,
and we'll sing in the back of the house together.
Track Name: Loose Ends
Where the lights will let you
If you're tired of waiting in line.

What you wanna see
Sure beats letting your faith go blind

In any direction
If your rogue streak says it's right

Some elation
Before it gets too cold outside

And do you feel 'round this corner there's nothing to fear?
Then go where you're led
If that's what gets you out of bed.